Allyson Clemmons
Level 3 Trained

Allyson Clemmons



600 4th Ave Seattle, WA  98104 United States
44 School St. Boston, MA  02108 United States
Provides online therapy



Accepting new clients for marathon/intensive therapy only

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Payment Methods
  • Credit cards
  • Degree: MSW
  • Field: Social Work
  • License states: Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts, Florida

Imagine if you could…

– Know exactly how to bring up hurt feelings about your spouse's sarcastic comment without starting a fight.

– Believe that your spouse has your back when your mother-in-law criticizes your parenting decisions.

– Feel emotionally connected enough to enthusiastically say yes to sex (and even comfortable enough to initiate it!).

– Understand each other when it comes to your circular disagreements. You know the ones I mean: Which in-laws’ house to spend Thanksgiving at this year? Who gets up with the baby? Why is she buying new shoes AGAIN? Finally come to a compromise on those things without feeling like you lost, gave up, or got run over by a bulldozer.

This is exactly what you’ll learn to do during your couples therapy sessions – without it taking years.

Between long holiday weekends, your work schedule, and your kid’s summer vacation, you might not have the time or attention to devote to weekly therapy.

This is where intensive couples therapy (AKA marathon therapy) comes in.

Intensive therapy is, put simply, an extended therapy session. It's typically 3-6 hours at a time and can be done weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

You aren’t wrapping it up after 50 minutes and waiting an entire week to get started again, which risks prolonging your progress.

Because of this difference in how long your sessions last, your results tend to be much more potent: you and your spouse get to collapse time and make accelerated progress in restoring your marriage.

If you’re committed to your relationship but you don’t know how to start improving it, you’re in the right place.

Contact me by phone or visit my website to schedule your first session.

I look forward to working with you!

Special populations

Affair or betrayal recovery, couples considering divorce, couples in recovery from addiction

  • Online Therapy
  • Individual
  • Couples
  • Marathon Couples Therapy
  • Affairs
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Substance Abuse
Specialized Ages
  • Adults