Amanda Mason Psy.D.
Level 3 Trained

Amanda Mason Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

26 Corte Madera Ave. Mill Valley, CA  94941 United States

Provides online therapy

(415) 370-4256(415) 370-4256
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  • Degree: Doctorate Clinical Psychology
  • Field: Psychology
  • Year graduated: 2011
  • Practice since: 2002
  • License states: CA

You may be feeling overwhelmed, stressed, burnt-out, frustrated, or wholly disillusioned. How did it get to this? Why? How could I have prevented this? You are not alone; many of us have reached a point where we don’t know where to go/what should be done. “It was never supposed to end up like this; we were so sure about each other.” Drs. John (the famed Love Lab) & Julie Gottman (astute psychologist & marital maven) offered their lives’ work repairing our most significant relationships. I use Gottman Method to bring sanity back in insane times, to offer hope when all seems lost, and to create sustaining change. Together, we work to give you the communication you once pledged to one another; friendship re-emerges; safety returns; wounds heal & further, are prevented! This is an investment in you, in one another, in & for your family. While no family is perfect, you can institute habits and practices of “the masters.” No matter if there have been affairs, betrayals, gridlocked/perpetual disputes; these practices work. The Gottman Method is evidence-based, practical, & utilizes current neurophysiological research & applications used by expert mindfulness & somatic practitioners. My training was founded on health-based mindfulness practices; I saw these tools work for brain-injured, deeply depressed, chronically anxious, & personality-disturbed patients. Now we use these non-invasive practices to foster peace, friendship, passion for a satisfying committed relationship. You might not believe there is a way to turn things around, but I assure you, this method is saving relationships that statistically were destined to fail. As your therapist, I am committed to giving you everything I've learned and practiced…it’s a chance…One with a good shot at working! Please reach out for any questions.
Special services for new/forming/family-building couples & reproductive counseling (ASRM). Ask about sailing/adventure therapy options.

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