David Woodsfellow
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David Woodsfellow

2801 Buford Hwy NE 295 Atlanta, GA  30329 United States
(404) 325-3401(404) 325-3401
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  • Degree: Ph.D.
  • Field: Clinical Psychology
  • Year graduated: 1988
  • Practice since: 1989
  • License states: Georgia

If you’re hurt and feeling unloved...

If you’re frustrated that things aren’t getting better...If you’re troubled about what may happen next...If you’re worried that it may be too late... We can help.

We know about these tough times.We’ve helped a lot of couples get through them.Maybe we can help you too. Can your marriage be saved? That’s the first question we'll help you answer. What would it take to save it? What would you have to change?What would your partner have to change?What would the two of you have to change together?Those are the next questions we'll help you answer. You need honest, specific, no-nonsense answers to these questions. That's what we’ll give you. You need impartial, unbiased, objective, scientifically valid answers from a knowledgeable, experienced professional. That's what we’ll give you. Most couples in your situation need an experienced professional to help them through these tough times. Over 1,800 couples have turned to Dr. David Woodsfellow and The Woodsfellow Institute for Couples Therapy for that help. And 80% of those couples are still together. Dr. Woodsfellow’s practice is exclusively couples therapy. He is one of the most experienced marriage counselors in the United States because his practice has been 100% couples therapy for 20 years. He can understand the difficulties you are facing, tell you what you each need to change, and help you make those changes. You will get honest, in-depth, detailed feedback. It will be delivered with empathy, compassion, understanding and caring. But it will be frank and to-the-point. You deserve honest answers to these big questions. Dr. Woodsfellow has a very high success rate because his training is so thorough and his experience is so vast. That’s why so many other therapists turn to The Woodsfellow Institute for advanced training in couples therapy. So if your marriage is in trouble – and you want to do something about it – don’t hesitate. Take the first step to make things better. Call The Woodsfellow Institute at 404-325-3401 for a complimentary phone consultation, or to schedule a marriage counseling appointment, or to schedule a two-day marriage intensive. Or, for more information, visit our website at www.MarriageHelpAtlanta.com

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  • Affairs
  • Anger
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Substance Abuse
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