Gayle Robertson
Certified since 2022

Gayle Robertson


1911 S. National Avenue, Suite 401A Springfield, MO  65804 United States
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  • Degree: MA in Clinical Psychology
  • Field: Marriage & Family Therapy
  • Year graduated: 1996
  • Practice since: 2000
  • License states: Missouri

You’ve made it to the Gottman Referral Network for a reason. You’ve tried to fix your relationship on your own, but nothing seems to change. You know your relationship is worth saving and you’re ready to save it. What’s the solution? Not advice from friends and family. Not therapy based on intuition. Therapy created from science and research. Therapy that will help you achieve the same scientifically proven skills that happy couples are implementing all day long. When you choose the Gottman Method, you will acquire better communication, deeper emotional connection, and positive daily interactions with your partner.

You’re with the love of your life, your person, but sharing a life has become difficult. Arguments have escalated. Your partner doesn’t seem to understand or care; and you just can’t communicate. Avoiding each other and living like roommates has become the norm. Sometimes, you feel invisible.This isn’t the life you signed up for.

You really want to be noticed, loved, and cared for.

It’s time to stop leaving well enough alone. You don’t have to settle for a mediocre relationship. The days of waking up feeling all alone in your relationship can end. You are capable of changing your relationship for the better!

Not all of us are naturals like the relationship “Masters” Dr. John Gottman observed in his Love Lab.

You, too, can become a relationship "Master" as you put the Gottman Method into practice. Remember, you’re here for a reason. You want a loving and caring relationship. You desire connection and intimacy. I want to help.

I'm here to help you build connection and a partnership you can feel proud of. I’m here to help you ignite the relationship of your dreams.

Call now! I want to hear about your concerns and answer any questions you might have. We’ll talk for 20 minutes to see if we’re a good fit for working together and I’ll share the first steps toward investing in THE MOST IMPORTANT RELATIONSHIP OF YOUR LIFE.

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