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  • Degree: Masters of Social Work
  • Field: Clinical Social Work
  • Year graduated: 2005
  • Practice since: 2005
  • License states: Texas

Couples therapy is a large part of my practice and something that I particularly enjoy. Few things in life are as stressful as tension in our most intimate relationships. When there is significant conflict or distance in our marriage, it can impact all areas of our lives. However, I don't think it has to be that way.

The Gottmans have created a myriad of interventions which serve to help couples address the conflict in their relationship, to build the friendship system, and to create shared meaning. By taking this three-pronged approach in working with couples, they have witnessed real, positive change. As a therapist, it is very rewarding to help couples use those tools to rebuild the foundation of their relationship and clear the air of conflicts.

What I love most about The Gottman Method is that in their research they studied not only ailing couples, but also happy couples. They were able to see what the happy couples did to keep their relationship strong and fulfilling. Many of their interventions incorporate those finding so that couples who are struggling can also learn those skills and gain those benefits.

In my work I have found that most couples genuinely want a deep connection with their partner. The stress of life, work, and children sometimes puts strain and distance into even the most loving couples. Investing in couples therapy can really help to bring back the sparks that couples had in the beginning of their relationships. I think we are all happier, more grounded individuals when our relationships are functioning at 100%. We can more easily tackle the ups and downs of life when we can depend on a partnership which is loving and supportive.

I begin my work with couples by conducting a full assessment. The assessment usually takes 4 sessions. I know it can be hard to go through such a lengthy assessment, but it is so important as it really gives me the information that I need in order to proceed with therapy.

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