Jill Kuca
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Jill Kuca


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  • Degree: MAC, MACL, Mdiv
  • Field: Counseling and Spirituality
  • Year graduated: 2009
  • Practice since: 2009
  • License states: South Dakota and Minnesota

Jill Jonnes-Kuca, LPC, CHt, SIP

As a relational therapist, I love working with couples, parents, families, and workplace teams. However, individual work is often about relational struggles within me or outside of myself, so I also work with individuals in therapy.

I operate from the theory that personal "dis-ease" is often (I dare say always) a relational struggle within self-and/or within relationship with other(s). So then, how I value self and other affects how I navigate relationships, how effective I am at conflict resolution and "ease" rather than "dis-ease" in relationship.

If the relationship I have developed with myself in child and early adulthood is tainted, misinformed, and devaluing, that lens is what I see through when I am in relationship with another--before other even enters my story.

Now what if they too have a similar lens of self that they bring?

We struggle staying in the moment where our authentic needs are. We use past experiences to inform the now. We get defensive, we criticize, we resent, we stonewall.

We can't identify how to ask for help because we are in offensive or defensive mode, running from other rather than toward other.

We are then, alone.

Alone is a problem...we are created to be connected. We don't do well when disconnected.

Conflict is reality, accepting this is important. It is HOW WE DO CONFLICT which impacts connection.

I have no desire to stop your conflict. I want you to become a Master Conflict Navigator.

If conflict is unavoidable, then I want your conflict to generate connection.

My work reflects an integrative approach to counseling. Psychological (scientifically proven) truths, and theology (Christian Truth). In my personal and academic journey, I found those two things have much more in common than they don't.

I am open-minded and respectful of all faith perspectives. Your religiosity and spiritual growth can be a factor in our work together if you would like.

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