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LaWanda Evans


1106 S. Santa Fe Trail, Suite 7 Duncanville, TX  75137 United States of America
(972) 855-8947(972) 855-8947
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  • Degree: Ed.D., M.Ed.
  • Field: Counseling Psychology
  • Year graduated: 2010
  • Practice since: 2013
  • License states: Texas

Imagine being in a healthy, loving, strong, trusting, and committed relationship, where you feel valued, loved, appreciated, and respected; imagine being in a relationship where you feel safe and secure and your dreams, visions and goals are supported; and imagine being in a relationship built on friendship, trust, commitment and love.

Building a healthy relationship takes WORK, and it takes time, energy, and compromise, you have to be willing to put in the work and you have to give up "I" for "We". However, there are factors that impact your ability to create a healthy, loving, strong, lasting relationship, such as ongoing conflicts, lack of communication, childhood experiences parental relationships, differences, differences in beliefs and values, family issues, and personal issues; but you shouldn't allow these factors to cause you to give up on love, keep you from being together, cause you to get a divorce, or lead you to unhealthy behaviors, such as infidelity. Infidelity can ruin the strongest relationships, it is one of the biggest obstacles that impacts a relationship and causes emotional and mental damage.

I specialize in helping individuals and couples recover from infidelity, build healthy relationships, develop new ways to communicate, manage conflict and overcome unhealthy relationship patterns.

Working with me you will improve your relationship, work together to build a healthy and strong relationship, manage conflict effectively, improve your communication, become better friends, and increase intimacy and love for each other.

Great relationships don't just happen, you work hard to create great relationships and you work together to make it happen. I can help you build a stronger relationship for a lifetime of commitment & love. Let’s begin your journey TODAY.

  • Individual
  • Couples
  • Coaching
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Physical Abuse
  • Pre Marital
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  • Adults