Nicole Parker
Level 3 Trained

Nicole Parker


900 W. University Drive, Suite B2 Rochester, MI  48307 United States
Provides online therapy



10am-4pm EST

Insurance Accepted


Payment Methods
  • Credit cards
  • Degree: Ph.D
  • Field: Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Year graduated: 2018
  • Practice since: 2013
  • License states: Michigan

I’m Nicole. I am a wife, a mother of a toddler who keeps me running, I have a big extended family and I was raised in small town Michigan. I am a recovering pessimist, always striving for optimism and giving myself some grace. I love working for myself and owning my own business. I am a romantic and an empath at heart, I cry easily during movies or when those Pure Michigan commercials come on the radio. And I actually do really enjoy reading self-help books, mostly focused on relationships and communication.

I work with couples who feel like their relationship is so weighted down with negativity that they don’t know how to make things better. It can feel very lonely and very hopeless to try and fail over and over again to be heard. Most partners just want some sign that their spouse cares about them, that they are important, and that how they feel matters. I help couples to connect with each other in ways that restore trust and closeness, so that you can manage your differences and individual wants while still being each others best friend. And lover too.

If you want to transform your marriage, I am here for you.

Special populations

Transition to Parenthood

  • Online Therapy
  • Couples
  • Affairs
  • Pre Marital
Specialized Ages
  • Adults