Peter Williamson PhD

Peter Williamson PhD

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  • Degree: PhD, MA, Certified Gottman Method Couples' Therapist
  • Field: Educational/Clinical Psychology
  • Year graduated: 1981
  • Practice since: 1981
  • License states: British Columbia New York

Dr. Peter Williamson is one of only 7 officially Certified Gottman Method Couples Therapists in the province of B.C. (at time of writing - 5/ 1/ 13). Although extensively trained and with 25+ years of expertise in treating individual probems of anxiety, depression, anger and stress, much of his practice over the years was in couples therapy and promoting growth in relationships. In the last decade his principal focus has been in aiding couples through the approaches of Dr. John Gottman (The Gottman Method) and Dr. Susan Johnson (Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy), both of which have an elaborate body of research and much clinical validation in their support.

Problems of conflict, understanding, communication and lack of emotional intimacy are highly resolvable for most couples. If you and your partner have done your best to move forward with these issues and you now need some outside professional help, give Peter a call. He will work collaboratively with you to solve your problems, to grow, and to reach greater satisfaction together.

Peter has spent over twenty five years in New York and Vancouver helping couples and individuals with their adjustments to each other and to life. Fears, depressions, addictions, work and home problems, troubles with family, children and parents as well as conflicts inside us, are all seen as areas of importance. We all go through bad times as well as good, and predictable stages of life and relationship as well, with their losses, heartaches and triumphs.

Our couples relationships give us vitality when things are going well, and help protect our hearts and our health from life's hard times. From partners we seek attachment, romance, companionship, commitment and emotional comfort as well. Although our personalities remain relatively stable through time, we can learn and grow in ourselves and in relationship in ways we never thought possible. Peter's experience and knowledge can help your growth together.

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