Tehilla Luttig
Level 2 Trained

Tehilla Luttig


4 Dirkie Uys Hermanus  7200 South Africa
Provides online therapy

Afrikaans, English


SAST: 9am to 6pm and certain weekends

Insurance Accepted


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Payment Methods
  • Credit cards
  • Degree: Honors Degree: BSocSci Psychology
  • Field: Psychology
  • Year graduated: 2007
  • Practice since: 2013
  • License states: Globally except USA & Canada

You're looking for an approach that works. Maybe you've tried therapy before, or this is your first time. If you are ready to go deep and change things, I've got you.

Over 10+ years I have helped hundreds of people with my unique, approach to helping parents in marital distress reset and rekindle their relationship, in 90 days or less. It's a holistic approach using the mind and principles such as The Gottmans, but also understanding the emotional trauma stored in our bodies.

You can come alone or do this with your partner.

All my sessions are online unless you are attending a private, luxury fly-in intensive or safari-retreat.

My focus is individual healing for each person in the relationship, through addressing trauma, childhood adversities, and pattern disentanglement (unlearning what we got taught in childhood about how lovable we are, and how safe others are, etc). And then we focus on contained conversations where we can go deeper and both of you get a chance to feel heard and understood.

I offer a safe space to:

gain insights into your relationship,

learn tools to regulate and modify dysfunctional behavior,

get closer (reconnected and intimate),

improve communication, and

build on your strengths.

I'm a spiritual-Christian (I don't do judgment and religious guilt things), so if spirituality is important to you, I am happy to bring this into our sessions. But all religions welcome.

Healing your childhood wounds is a priority. Equipping you with the tools to use long after our sessions have ended is the next priority (it's hard to learn the tools when we're dysregulated). And then having safer conversations through my guidance to set the scene first, and make sure it's emotionally safe for you two to do afterward at home alone, is where we end off.

Prices are above average. But we go deeper, faster, meaning you need less sessions.

Special populations

Parents; Affairs; Hopeful Spouses; Depressed Partners; Childhood Trauma Triggers

  • Online Therapy
  • Individual
  • Couples
  • Coaching
  • Marathon Couples Therapy
  • Affairs
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Panic
  • Parenting
  • Pre Marital
Specialized Ages
  • Adults